The game of blackjack without a doubt is one of the most popular and played btc game in the history of the casino. Now you can play your favorite game on bitcoins with live dealers right from your home or any other corner of our planet.

About bitcoin online blackjack

Live Blackjack is played by standard rules, but with some minor visual changes to make your gaming experience as realistic as possible. Your main task in bitcoin blackjack is to re-play the casino, that is, to collect in the amount of 21 or slightly less, but the points must necessarily be more than the dealer’s. The rules for calculating points are very simple, an ace can be as 11 or 1, all the other pictures give 10 points, and for all the rest you will receive points equivalent to the face value of the cards. It’s simple, is not it ?!

Possible options:

  • If a player has received a card with a value of 10 points with an ace (+11), then such a combination (called “Blackjack”) will automatically make it the winner of the hand and will bring a payout of x1.5 from the bet made. This combination beats any other combination, even if it also scored 21 points.
  • If the combination brings less than 21th, but will be more than the dealer’s, then the player will win a double bet (x2).
  • If the card combination exceeds 21 (called “bust” = bust), the player loses and leaves the game until the next round.
  • If the player and the dealer gain the same number of points (called “push”), the bet is returned.
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Do not pay taxes in bitcoin earning games

Since to date only a few countries have recognized the bitcoins as a means of payment, the operator, whose software for online casinos only works with bitcoins, does not need to pay taxes. In addition, software for the casino will not have to be licensed, which usually takes away huge amounts of money.
Saved funds can be invested, for example, in the bitcoin casino script, to spend on improving the quality of services and creating the most favorable conditions for players. If the casino works without a license, this fact can cause a lot of questions from the client. Therefore, to build an impeccable reputation will have to allocate twice as much power. But in general, open bitcoin-casino is much more profitable and cheaper than a standard Internet institution.

Throughout the freebitcoin win game, players can:

  • “hit” – add another card in addition to the available two starting cards;
  • “double” – double the bet;
  • “split” – divide the hand into two with an equal number of points;
  • “stand” – stop and finish the auction;
  • “surrender” – surrender and finish the round;

Choose the dealer that is most fond of you – each of the gorgeous girls will happily serve you at the gaming table. If you want, you can move to another dealer at any time. During the game, you can communicate with dealers and other players, but you need to be polite.

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150% Welcome bonus on the First deposit up to 1.5 BTC, 15 ETH or 150 LTC

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At the moment, the creation of online casino bitcoin is beneficial, because this niche is still relatively free. While many operating online casinos are trying to buy bitcoin slots and offer their customers an alternative, new establishments that work exclusively with crypto currency and deserve the attention of players can be counted on their fingers.

The fact is that a casino with the ability to play for real money and bitcoins will not have the same advantages as a narrowly specialized institution, because at the time of registration you still have to enter your personal data.

If the operator manages to organize a successful marketing campaign that will convince players of the advantages of cryptocurrency, he will become the world leader. A quality bitcoin-casino script will not solve anything by itself. A whole strategy of promotion is important here. Soft for online casinos, working on bitcoins, is undoubtedly a very important point. But players need to believe that your casino software and bitcoin slots are the future.

The most attractive thing in the game with live dealers is that you can play with hundreds of other players while in a comfortable home chair and at the same time be completely anonymous. Perhaps just a few mouse clicks separate you from a big win. Good luck!