This time we decided to talk about crypto games casino. Remember that without investments it is impossible to earn a lot and to collect 1 BTC it will take several years. Therefore, consider this type of earnings, as a fun time for which you pay extra, without crypto games invest.

How to start earning on crypto games?

To start earning such a cryptocurrency as Bitcoin, you need to complete the registration process on the website of the interested user of the game. To realize the possibility of withdrawing the accumulated funds, the player will need a bitcoin-purse.

In most cases, to create a new account on the selected resource, the following information is indicated:

  • personal account details;
  • e-mail address;
  • complex password (entered twice);
  • prints the value shown on the CAPTCHA (for confirmation in the system of its reality).

After opening a personal account on the game site, before starting to extract coins, the user will need to familiarize himself with its rules.

Choosing a reliable crypto games online

The presence of negative reviews about individual bitcoin cryptogames, shows that Internet users need to be more careful when choosing them. Adhering to a number of rules, the probability of becoming a victim of scammers will be minimal.

As a rule, the credibility of the games falls due to the following problems:

  • occurrence of outages with payments;
  • inability to withdraw funds;
  • zeroing the account;
  • theft of glasses;
  • the need to invest large sums of money to “pumping” the account.

When choosing the bitcoin game you need to pay attention to some points:

  • Quality of registration of a crypto games net. If it is done carelessly and quickly, then it is not recommended to contact such a resource.
  • Unrealistically high pricing for achieving success in the game or for being on the site.
  • The presence of positive and negative feedback on the network. Here you should look at the time of writing a response and the reaction of other Internet users who read it. The best way to check is to find a thematic forum and chat with other participants in the game.

If the game almost immediately invites you to invest, then this is an occasion to think about its reliability. It is advisable to observe the project for several weeks, assess the growth dynamics of its participants. Since in each game there is a reserve fund, then with the increase in the number of registered users, it should grow.

Game Features

General characteristics of BTC games for casino coin cryptocurrency:

  • simplicity;
  • primitiveness;
  • using the browser interface;
  • You do not need to install additional applications on your computer;
  • there is no need for a powerful computer or other device to start them;
  • minimum of actions from the user (usually it is required to press several buttons at certain intervals, periodically enter captcha to continue the game);
    to start the game do not need special knowledge and abilities;
  • can be paid (require a preliminary investment of their own money) and free.

BTC coins can be obtained both for the time spent in the game, and for achieving certain results.

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Bitcoin lottery crypto games net review

Lottery Bitcoin is a relatively new type of prize draw. Its participants get a good chance of a solid prize in digital currency. In the virtual space, there are hundreds of free bitcoin-cranes, where by clicking on the button a random number appears and the user receives a certain number of coins. This is a kind of “free lottery.”

Advantages of online lotteries Bitcoin:

  • it is not required to invest personal money;
  • high chances of winning;
  • there is an opportunity to receive a large cash bonus;
  • at the base of the lottery there is the technology of blockade, which excludes juggling the amount of the lottery;
  • A combination that becomes a winning combination is determined randomly;
  • the participant of the drawing has the right to check the results of the game in his account, and its results can not be changed after the end.